National Petrochemmanufactures, sells, and services oil and gas production and transmission specialty treating chemical products. The company is headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma, approximately 90 miles southeast of Oklahoma City and has been in operation since 1975. Recently, the company moved into its new complex consisting of administrative offices, full service laboratory and a modern manufacturing plant. This facility services numerous inventory points throughout the market area. The company encourages visitors to tour the facility.

Our Mission

National Petrochem is dedicated to providing the producers and transporters in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas with the finest in treating chemicals and services.

Company Profile

National Petrochem was founded on the philosophy that the oil and gas producers and transporters deserve not only a quality product at a fair price, but they should receive personalized, concerned service, as well. Our employees view our customers as partners in business and strive to help them solve their problems in the most efficient manner.

National Petrochem limits its operations to Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas so that we can quickly and effectively respond to the needs of the customers. The company's goal is to respond to any customer's problem within 24 hours of being notified.

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